Publications in Progress

Here are current publications I’m working on:

Co-authored book chapter (in press)

This chapter, Affirming an Endonormative Approach in Language Research Design in the Caribbean, is co-authored with my amazing colleagues Kristian Ali, Ben Braithwaite, Ryan Durgasingh and Nicha Selvon-Ramkissoon. In my section, Caribbean Language Acquisition Research: Hybridisation as Endonormative, I discuss principles that should guide Caribbean language acquisition research and optimal methods to collect such data.

Journal article: Pronoun Acquisition in Varilingual Contexts

This article explores the ways that Trinidadian preschoolers express subject, object, reflexive and possessive pronouns, since the Trinidadian context is one where children are exposed to both Trinidad and Tobago English and Trinidadian English Creole. As a result, acquisition does not proceed in the ways that we can expect from monolingual English speakers.

Journal article: What I Say or How I Say It? Ethnic Accents and Hiring Decisions in the GTA

I'm currently working on this article and I'm so excited about it! This is about the pilot study for my postdoctoral work. It discusses evaluations of local and extra-local accents as more or less desirable for employment in Toronto, something that can make a big difference in immigrants' quality of life.