Presentations and Talks

I love presenting! I enjoy connecting with the audience, exciting them about ideas and inciting conversation. Here are some presentations and talks I’ve delivered.

Language Latitudes Workshop, Vancouver, Canada

April 2023

Speaking of immigrants: Evaluations of Non-Canadian English accents in hiring decisions

Language and Power Conference, Münster, Germany

March 2023

More than words: Non-Canadian English accents and hiring decisions in Toronto

Canadian Linguistic Association 2022 Conference (online)

June 2022

What I Say or How I Say It? Ethnic Accents and Hiring Decisions in Toronto (poster)

Workshop on Linguistic Equity and Justice 2022 (online)

April 2022

What I Say or How I Say It? Ethno-racial Accents and Hiring Decisions in the GTA

New Ways of Analyzing Variation 2021 Conference (online)

October 2021

Acquiring Variable Phonologies in Trinidad: Assessing (Sociolinguistic) Acquisition in a Bivarietal Context (with Derek Denis!)

Speech-Language and Audiology Association of Trinidad and Tobago meeting

September 2021

Acquisition Norms for Trinidadian Children

Canadian Linguistic Association 2021 Conference (online)

June 2021

Pronoun Acquisition in a Varilingual Context

Caribbean Research Methodologies (CRM) Online Seminar

Oct 2020

Caribbean Language Acquisition Research: Hybridisation as Endonormative

Bridging Wor(l)ds, St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

April 2018

Wee Talk Trini: Variation in Trinidadian Pre-schoolers’ Speech

Variation in Language Acquisition 3, Salzburg, Austria

Feb 2017

Wee Talk Trini: Variation in Past Tense Expressions of Trinidadian Pre-schoolers

Society for Caribbean Linguistics 21st Biennial Conference, Mona, Jamaica

Aug 2016

Trinidadian Pre-schoolers’ Personal Pronouns and Possessive Determiners

Society for Caribbean Linguistics 20th Biennial Conference, Palm Beach, Aruba

Aug 2014

Screening for Language Development among Trinidadian English Creole-speaking Children (with Valerie Youssef)