Co-authored book chapter (forthcoming). English and Creole in Trinidad and Tobago.

This upcoming chapter in The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of World Englishes was a serendipitous collaboration with Philipp Meer and Mirjam Schmalz. I enjoyed working with these new colleagues and conducting in-depth research on the language attitudes and sociolinguistic history and situation of my country. We're looking forward to its release!

Journal article: Acquisition during normative code-mixing: Trinidadian children’s varilingual pronoun usage.

This article in First Language explores the ways that Trinidadian preschoolers express subject, object, reflexive and possessive pronouns, since the Trinidadian context is one where children are exposed to both Trinidad and Tobago English and Trinidadian English Creole. As a result, acquisition does not proceed in the ways that we can expect from monolingual English speakers. It's available open access here.

Co-authored book chapter: Endonormative approaches to language research design in the Caribbean.

This chapter of the Routledge book Affirming Methodologies - Research and Education in the Caribbean is co-authored with my amazing colleagues Kristian Ali, Ben Braithwaite, Ryan Durgasingh and Nicha Selvon-Ramkissoon. In my section, Caribbean Language Acquisition Research: Hybridisation as Endonormative, I discuss principles that should guide Caribbean language acquisition research and optimal methods to collect such data.

In Progress

Here are current publications I’m working on:

Co-authored journal article: What I say or how I say it? Ethnic accents and hiring evaluations in the Greater Toronto Area.

This (completed) article is the first paper to present the findings from my postdoctoral research. I am very excited about it and really proud of the paper. I feel like it's the defining paper of my career thus far. It's co-authored with my supervisor, Derek Denis (who, by the way, is now an associate professor. Go Derek!) We've submitted it and are hoping for as favourable a response as I got when I presented these findings in early 2023.

GPT-4-Trinis: Assessing GPT-4’s communicative competence in an underrepresented variety of English.

This is a tentative title, to be honest. I'm honoured to be part of this cross-disciplinary team headed by Prof. Rhonda McEwen. In this first paper from our work (more to come!) we look at GPT-4's competence (or lack thereof) in comprehending and producing Trinidadian English Creole and what its performance means for speakers of non-dominant English varieties. Our other teammates are Zhao Zhao, Barend Beekhuizen and an impressive undergraduate research assistant, Michael Zhao.