Presentations and Talks

I love presenting! I enjoy connecting with the audience, exciting them about ideas and inciting conversation. Here are some presentations and talks I’ve delivered.

New Ways of Analyzing Variation 2021 Conference (online)

October 2021

Acquiring Variable Phonologies in Trinidad: Assessing (Sociolinguistic) Acquisition in a Bivarietal Context (with Derek Denis!)

Speech-Language and Audiology Association of Trinidad and Tobago meeting

September 2021

Acquisition Norms for Trinidadian Children

Canadian Linguistic Association 2021 Conference (online)

June 2021

Pronoun Acquisition in a Varilingual Context

Caribbean Research Methodologies (CRM) Online Seminar

Oct 2020

Caribbean Language Acquisition Research: Hybridisation as Endonormative

Bridging Wor(l)ds, St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

April 2018

Wee Talk Trini: Variation in Trinidadian Pre-schoolers’ Speech

Variation in Language Acquisition 3, Salzburg, Austria

Feb 2017

Wee Talk Trini: Variation in Past Tense Expressions of Trinidadian Pre-schoolers

Society for Caribbean Linguistics 21st Biennial Conference, Mona, Jamaica

Aug 2016

Trinidadian Pre-schoolers’ Personal Pronouns and Possessive Determiners

Society for Caribbean Linguistics 20th Biennial Conference, Palm Beach, Aruba

Aug 2014

Screening for Language Development among Trinidadian English Creole-speaking Children (with Valerie Youssef)